Free shipping on 3D prints on orders £65 and up

What is That Prints

We are a little 3D printing company who love to create in game items in real life every purchase means we can put more time and development in making more products to bring to you at a low cost and an extremely high detail. This means you do not have to spend all the time, effort and money to make little or soon to be large props / models from in game to real life.

3D Designs printed

This store is here to bring in game objects to real life with as much detail as possible from moving parts to lights delivered to your door step with no hassle on your end

Why choose That Prints

We are a small and dedicated company with the goal of making high detail models from working models to just for show as a gift for a loved one or to put on your shelf or desk we offer custom and pre set designs at low prices. Want something special and one of a kind give us a message on discord or email us.

How we work

To keep customization costs as low as possible products that can be customised will all be printed the day of purchase this means we do not have to stop production of other items to print a custom piece just add it to the production line.

We do have some ready to ship products which offer no site side customization but if you want a new product or to customise one of the products on offer and there is not already the option your looking for send us an email or message us on discord or on here!