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About us

We are a 3D design and print company located in Manchester, England.The first thing you need to know about us is we love gaming and have fallen in love with bring items from in game to life. We also pride our selves on customer service and customer interaction meaning if you have an idea you want bringing to life send us a message you will get through to a human no bots or automated messages 

The current team:

Right now there is only one person making shipping and managing the whole company so please be patience with me also keep in mind I am based in the UK and I currently am studying at university however, I will try my best to get to everyone that email sends us a tweet or add me on discord. 



We know their is a lot of scam sites out their and we can't change your mind saying you can trust us we also offer some of our products on Etsy at bit of a higher cost due to fees. But you can always contact us via our socials.


All models have been recreated to almost identical from the games and been edited again to be 3D printed if you have any problem please contact us at and we will sort it out.