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Up coming projects

We have alot of up coming projects and ideas most if not all inspired by in game items and systems from making a working rust CCTV camera system ( having the camera shells to look like they are out of rust) to a model vending machine and the outpost turrets along with a SAM turret.

We are also intrested in making other items from other games if you want something that is not already on the site give us a message however there will be a premium charge due to it being put to the front of the que but this will get you the item first and a week later will be on the website.

Current project:

Rust vending machine so degined the 3D model for a small screen along with making sure there is room for an arduino.


Future projects:

Outpost sentry turrets

Rust Cars

Rust planter boxes

Rust player model

Rust CCTV camera shell / fully working system.